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Foot Care

The human foot is a complex structure of twenty-six bones, plus a network of ligaments, muscles, and blood vessels working together to support the weight of the entire body. Consequently, the feet are subject to many problems, most of which can be detected during a simple examination. Symptoms of serious health disorders such as diabetes, arthritis, heart disease, and arteriosclerosis often manifest in the lower extremity and your podiatrist is well trained to detect these.



Dr. Miller treats patients of all ages. From children with flat feet, ingrown nails, warts, and irregular walking patterns to senior citizens with painful feet, painful fungal nails, and gait abnormalities.

Dr. Miller is one of the few doctors who actually evaluate the way a patient walks (gait). In his 18+ years of experience he has realized that few doctors take the time to observe the way their patients walk. Very often a patient will walk into the office after having been seen by another doctor with a painful leg/foot, lower extremity and back pain, and during Dr. Miller’s examination it is discovered that no one has ever actually observed the patient while walking. Most leg and foot pain is due to an underlying problem in the way we walk. Dr. Miller not only watches the way a patient walks, he also has the ability to use Tek Skan®, a new technology that allows him to put pressure sensitive sensors into a patient’s shoes and get a computerized image of how a person’s foot functions in their shoes. This is particularly valuable in evaluating the way a diabetic patient walks, as it helps to determine where future ulcers might develop. Dr. Miller can then take preventive measures to minimize the chances of ulcers forming.
Dr. Miller utilizes the latest orthotics, leg braces and foot wear to align the way a patient walks. These devices are comfortable to wear, easy to put on, covered by most insurances, and improve the quality of life for his patients.


We offer a variety of diagnostics including the following:

  • Arterial doppler scans
  • Biomechanical analysis
  • X - ray system
  • Diagnostic ultrasound
  • EMG
  • Nerve conduction tests
  • Vascular evaluations
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